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Task Specific Rehabilitation

There is mounting evidence of the value of tast-specific training as a neuromotor intervention in neurological rehabilitation.  The evidence is found in the psychology of motor skill learning and in the neuroscience of experience-dependent and learning-dependent neural plastics changes in the brain of animals and humans.  Further, there is growing empirical evidence for the effectiveness of tacit-specific training in the context of rehabilitation.

The Gravity+ Suit is the only product available today that , when incorporated into physical rehabilitation allows you to more aggressively train the specific muscle tendon units required to dramatically increase the rate of motor skill recovery.

The Gravity+ System

The Gravity+ Suit is an FDA registered and licensed durable medical equipment device.  The Gravity+ Suit Increases the therapeutic effect of neurophysical exercises on the central nervous system, which is responsible for all of the body’s motor activity  to maximum extent possible.  When the suit is worn during therapy, the suit’s adjustable resistance/compression stimulates the central nervous system while strengthening all muscle tendons units in the exact synergistic pattern in which they are used to perform any movement being rehabilitated.

The suit’s adjustable compression will also constrict respiratory muscles resulting in improved ventilation capacity of the lungs.  This is of particular value to bedridden/wheelchair confined patients.

Because the Gravity+ Suit stimulates the body’s central nervous system causing the body’s muscle tendon groups to work harder during therapy, the patient will acquire an increased blood supply which greatly accelerates the healing process of the injured area.

Why The Gravity+ System

  • Allows dual initial specific evaluation with and without specific resistance.  In addition to dual evaluation, therapists can now chart progress in a more exact and efficient manner due to the fact that specific resistance can be added and measured in half pound increments.
  • Provides a holistic approach to injury treatment.  As a result of balanced resistance and compression, the entire body is strengthened in a synergistic response to any and all injuries
  • Provides a means for achieving full recovery in a shorter period of time.  Due to the resistance and compression in the Gravity+ Suit, the entire body is forced to work harder resulting in increased blood flow thusly accelerating the healing process.
  • Provides capability for treating multiple injuries at the same time.  No need to move patients from on piece of equipment to another.  Any and every movement that requires therapy can now be addressed with the Gravity+ System
  • Strengthens all muscle tendon units in the exact required synergistic patters required for specific movements.  To our knowledge the Gravity+ System represents the means of accomplishing this specific to your patients Bio-mechanic DNA
  • Reawakens dormant neural pathways.  Research has shown that specific repetitive movement can revitalize dormant neural pathways.  By forcing the nervous system to work harder in a specific synergistic pattern, the Gravity+ System enhances the “reawakening process”
  • Provides therapy for wheelchair/bedridden patients can be given resistance therapy as well as cardiovascular workout (if so desired).   The cardiovascular workout is achieved as a result of the suit’s adjustable compression.
  • Improves and corrects gait.  This is achieved by aligning and stabilizing the body naturally while providing specific resistance to specific movements.
  • Gives the patient a feeling of accomplishment from the enhanced effectiveness of each therapeutic session.  Due to immediate therapeutic effect of the central nervous system.  PATIENT SENSES IMMEDIATE POSITIVE RESULTS. There is no better or faster way of validating rehabilitate therapy.

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